Dapoxetine - Help For Men Who Suffer From Premature Ejaculation Problems

One thing about having sexual intercourse for a man is that he is constantly worried that he is not going to be able to last long enough in order to satisfy his partner. Some men think that when they orgasm too quickly there is something seriously wrong with them. These are men who might not have a problem getting an erection and do not require the use of drugs such as Viagra, but they tend to be really sensitive instead to sexual stimulation. Now some men might think women will not have any issues with these and they think the wrong way. Here are some of the false beliefs men who choose not to get help with premature ejaculation have.

• Some men believe that there women is going to see it as a good thing that they orgasm so quickly. A part of this going to come because a man might think a women is going to be flattered that a man is so excited by the idea of having sex with her that he just cannot control himself. He thinks the women will see his fast finish as a testament to her strong desirability.

• Some men believe if they orgasm really fast that this is a good thing and a bad thing. The reason they think it is a good thing is because they believe after they orgasm once it will be easier for them to last longer the second time around. You have some men who even try to manipulate things by masturbating before sex in the hopes they can keep away a problem like premature ejaculation. It is bad because it takes some time to get a women sexually excited. Men are like microwaves and women are like ovens when it comes to our sex drives. So if a man orgasm too fast the women is not going to like it at all.

• You also have some men who believe that they will be able to get over their premature ejaculation by deciding to use creams designed to lessen sensitivity. But these creams can have bad effects. They are not going to make sex pleasurable for the man most of the time. Plus your women might be irritated by them, this is assuming no condom was being used. Using these types of creams the wrong way can have long lasting effects on a mans ability to enjoy sexual intercourse the way he wants to.

One of the best ways for a man who suffers from premature ejaculation to get help would be for him to use the medication Dapoxetine. This medication is safe and it has worked wonders for men all over the world who have struggled with premature ejaculation for a long time. Dapoxetine is not mean to be a magic pill. It is not going to make you last for an extremely long time, but it is definitely going to help you last much longer then what you do now.

There have been lots of tests down with Dapoxetine to see just how effective it is. In a lot of these tests the drug was able to help men last three times longer with the highest dosage. Now you might be thinking this is not that long, but it is a real improvement when you consider it. Dapoxetine also helps to improve sexual satisfaction of both the man and his partner. The drug does work, but only if it is used the right way.

Men who suffer from really serious instances of premature ejaculation will really benefit from Dapoxetine. These are the men who ejaculate within second of penetration. Just think of how humiliating this is to a man. Even with a women that was really understanding it would be hard for her to stay cool about such a problem for long. Why take the chance when a drug like Dapoxetine can help?

All men want to be able to last a long time or at least long enough to satisfy their partners. Men already have to worry about things such as penis size, the ability to get and keep an erection, and other things. When you add premature ejaculation to the mix it becomes a bit much. Dapoxetine is made to help with that issue. But a man would still need to get help in other ways to ensure he does not become over dependent on the drug.


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